Fashion blogger Ashley of shares her travel snapshots and tips for mastering effortless travel style…

Carlie Tasker: Ashley thanks so much for sharing your travel tips with me! You’ve just returned from a trip to London, how was your visit?

Ashley Schuberg: My trip was great! A great mix of four different cities – Amsterdam, London, Florence and NYC. I had a friend’s wedding in London – a totally intimate and cute London wedding! They even hired a double decker bus to take us around! Stayed in an awesome apartment in Clerkenwell, which is full of cute terraces and cobblestone streets, so plenty of great places to shoot.

CT: How often do you travel back home to Thailand? Do you still have family there?

AS: I go back to Thailand at least once a year. It’s such an easy and relaxed place to travel around, but a little humid so not always the easiest place to shoot clothes!. But I love going there and it always feels like home, I still have a lot of family there so it’s nice to visit them especially to see my nanny/au pair from when I was growing up.

CT: Where are you vacationing next?

AS: Probably Thailand in Christmas, Fiji in February and then Spain/Portugal in summer 2016.

CT: What are your top three travel essentials?

1) EmerginC face mask. Because your skin can dry out after a long flight this keeps my skin in check!
2) My hair curler. I cant live without it. I have dead straight asian hair so this gives life to my hair!
3) A good black blazer because no matter the weather you can throw this on over shorts, denim or pants and you are good to go!

CT: Any advice for stress-free and stylish travel?

AS: Be organised and pack well. I always plan my outfits well ahead for my trips, but unfortunately that means a lot of luggage! Book your extra luggage online for internal flights to save hassle at the airport and try to book flights that will see you transferring outside of peak traffic hours. A pair of Adidas Stan Smiths is a must! They go with everything and are super comfy for exploring!

CT: What’s your ideal vacation scenario?

AS: Eat, Shop, Eat, Shop… hahaha ok and a bit of sight seeing too. I am a huge foodie and food is such a big part of my holidays. It’s fun searching for restaurants that only locals eats at. So while sites like TripAdvisor can be super useful for accommodation, I recommend you ignore them and follow your nose and eyes when it comes to finding the best restaurants and bars. Just look for where all the locals are eating and find the friendliest waitstaff. And if you or your travel buddies are confident driving overseas, then hire a car. Some of my best experiences have involved stumbling upon little villages on my way somewhere in a car. For example, on our last day in Florence we hired a car and drove to Manarola where we ate the perfect spaghetti vongole and then stripped off and swam in our underwear while all of the locals looked on and laughed. After that we sat on the rocks and drank beer, watching the sun set over the Ligurian Sea. That’s a pretty ideal vacation scenario for me!

CT: Can you tell us about your most memorable travel experience?

AS: Haha – I’ll give you a memorable one, for all the wrong reasons! On our way from Europe to New York once, we booked a last-minute flight that stopped in Iceland and attempted to see the Northern Lights. We arrived in pitch black darkness, being pounded by a blizzard. We hired a car and drove on about six inches of ice for a couple of hundred kilometres to a remote village with about 15 metres of visibility the entire way! I know Iceland is a beautiful place, but we completely messed up our timing and as a result landed there in the middle of winter and didn’t get too see much at all. No Northern Lights, a few hours of daylight each day and the scariest car ride ever! One day I will go back, but in summer!!!

CT: What is the most important/valuable thing you’ve learned while traveling?

AS: Accept every situation you get into and just roll with it. Travels are rarely perfect from beginning to end, but you have the ability to handle every situation perfectly if you remain calm and make the best of everything. You should always be grateful for everything you have in life, be kind to people and always treat everyone like they would want to be treated. I’m always learning something new on every trip, and that mostly comes from the challenges of things NOT going to plan!!!

CT: Do you have any tips for looking good after a long-haul journey?

AS: Don’t overload on too much make up because it will gradually just look worse over your long journey. Always pack pyjamas in your carry on to preserve your outfit and try your best (I know it’s hard!) to eat vegetables and drink water on flights – all of that bread, rice and alcohol they try to feed you will just make you feel bloated, dehydrated and uncomfortable.

CT: What’s your favourite holiday fragrance?

AS: Marc Jacobs Daisy.

CT: What’s in your carry on luggage?

AS: My pyjamas, make up and my hand bags for the trip (can’t risk losing those!).

CT: The best hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

AS: Il Salviatino in Florence. There was something very special about this place, and it is where I stayed during my first visit to the city. It is just outside the city so you can take a car there and explore the wonders of Tuscany throughout the day, and it has some stunning features like its formal library, valley-view pool and breakfast terrace.

CT: You’ve been blogging for nearly a year now, how do you plan to celebrate your blogs 1st birthday?

AS: Hahaha I have no idea! A big fat tub of gelato!!?? LOL I started this in December 2014 as a hobby and now it has grown into so much more. I’m so grateful for everything that has happened. But I try my very best not to focus on followers, likes and timelines etc. – rather the big question I ask myself is, “Am I having fun?” So long as the answer is yes, I’ll enjoy many more blogging birthdays!

CT: Your blogging highlights this year?

AS: Meeting so many incredible women around the world. I have met so many amazing people from this channel that I wouldn’t have otherwise. As women, we should always support one another in everything we do. It’s an incredible community and one that I am so honoured to be a part of.

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