It was high on our priorities to have a warm, sunny wedding destination and Santorini ticks that box. Especially being in August, in hindsight we’re actually going to melt, it’s going to be boiling.


Oh my god the food. Greek food is some of my favourite ever food, with the most fresh flavoursome fish, gyros (a personal fave), incredible wine – Santorini wine is amazing and made on the island.


It doesn’t really matter where you stay, the views in Santorini are out of this world. We were completely blown away when we saw them for the first time and actually we were still in awe up until the day we left to return home – they just don’t get old.


Whilst I really believe in each to their own, I never wanted to have an overly expensive white wedding. Unless you have a high disposable income I personally don’t see the point in spending all your life savings or worse, getting into debt, for something that is essentially one day. Albeit it’s one of the most special days of your life, but the whole point is that you’re getting MARRIED. Getting married abroad is normally cheaper than in the UK, in the sense that you get far more for your money.


Probably the most important reason for us is that we wanted an excuse to get all of the people we love the most in the same place and enjoy an epic mini holiday together. A couple of our friends have been to Santorini before but for the majority, including our parents it’s a first time experience and I know they’re going to LOVE it.