How would you describe Lumira in three words?
Would have to say Luxury Fragrance House.
Where have you felt happiest?
Sydney.  There is no place like home.
A place that most lived up to the hype?
Amalfi Coast.  The coastline of Italy is just so beautiful and every town was just like all the photos you see in magazines.
What is your favourite city?
New York.  I love the electricity you feel when you are in this city.  So much inspiration and cultural experiences to enjoy.  I also love walking in this city as every corner leads you to something you haven’t seen before.
How do you relax?
I love going for a short walk or having a facial with Jocelyn Petroni in Sydney.  When I travel, I love having a massage when I arrive to relax after a long haul flight.
What kind of holiday do you like?
I travel a lot for work, however when it comes time to relax, it has to be the beach.  This is where I can truly relax and switch off for a few days, especially with the kids.
What’s your holiday scent?
I love floral scents.  If I am not wearing my Lumira Persian Rose, I would choose Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.
Do you sunbathe?
With the two little kids in tow, its very hard to relax on the beach.  We are either always in the water or building sand castles on the beach.  But always protecting the skin with 50+ sunscreen.
Where has been the most exceptional place you’ve visited?
To date, I would have to say Santorini, Greece.  With so much beauty from the views to the food, this magical island is a must see!
What would you most like to find in your mini bar?
Water and chocolate.
What’s your number one beauty tip for travelling?
I will use a serum every couple of hours and water, water, water! Hydrating the skin from a topical point of view is so important, but equally so is working from the inside out. Your skin really suffers when you are dehydrated and you can see it under your eyes, in your lips. I also lather on an eye cream – the skin under your eyes is so sensitive that it really needs its own kind of care. I’m all about the Rationale Eye Specialist.
The best scent in the world?
Lumira Cuban Tobacco of course!