We were really torn over where to go for our honeymoon, Bali, Arizona, Bahamas, and Tanzania were all up there on the list of destinations. However the Maldives won over in the end. I visited the Maldives for the first time over ten years ago and since then it had remained my favourite destination I’ve been to.

Your honeymoon is one of the most anticipated and indulgent holidays you ever take and so with this in mind our expectations were pretty high. Our top priorities were, good weather, near the ocean and relatively quiet. We didn’t want this holiday to be one for exploring. We wanted lazy breakfasts, long dinners, and wine in the afternoon. We wanted to read books and float on lilos all day and not feel bad about it, queue the Maldives.

We stayed at 3 different islands in 3 separate atolls which kept things fresh. I wouldn’t recommend doing more than 1 week per island.  We flew with Qatar airways and had a brief stop over in Doha before arriving at Male (the main international airport in the Maldives) From there we got a seaplane to Raa Atoll in the north of the Maldives to the incredible Adaaran Prestige Water Villas. The island is shared between 2 resorts. Select Meedhaparu and Prestige Water Villas. You can read the full review here but let me tell you we were completely blown away.

Arriving fresh off the sea plane and being greeted by our butler, Asif, who was on call for us for the duration of our stay, I already felt spoilt, our luggage was taken, we hopped on a golf buggy and was driven the short drive through the palm trees to our over water villa in the Prestige Water Villa side of the island. Enclosed in my own villa above the water, I noticed how the only sound I could hear was that of the ocean beneath me. My fear of being annoying almost got in the way of me using our butler. It’s a great service and we felt genuinely looked after which was lovely.

The over water villas were traditional Maldivian style and had an outdoor Jacuzzi over looking the ocean which we made full use of, as well as a day bed on the outside deck which we slept in one evening. Falling asleep underneath the stars and and waking up as the sun was rising was one of the most amazing experiences, and luckily we didn’t get bitten alive, probably thanks to the breeze from the sea and the fact our room was on stilts above the ocean. The food was another level of good. We developed a bit of a penchant for Maldivian curry for breakfast, which consists of flaked tuna mixed with spices and coconut, dhal and roti’s – absolute heaven.

After spending 4 nights at the prestige water villas we hopped on a seaplane back to Male to catch our transfer onto our next island; Adaaran Prestige Vadoo. This island is made up solely of water villas which we were excited to see. Unfortunately a developer is building a new island on a nearby reef in close proximity to Prestige Vadoo which spoils the view somewhat with cranes and building works, although I imagine once work has been completed the view will improve and the nearby Island (a Hard Rock development complete with casino and shops, approx 1 minute speedboat ride away, will be a pull for visitors looking for a little more action).